How to customize dashboard by removing unnecessary menu or widgets

When creating a user based wordpress website, it is important to remove all the unnecessary information from the website. Although assigning capabilities does most of the job for you. Actually ‘capabilities’ is the most important part because it makes sure that users don’t access pages that they are not supposed to. But coming back to the article, we will just be hiding unnecessary documents but not stopping them to access those pages.

All the below settings can be done in your functions.php

  1. Remove wordpress logo from admin bar

  2. Edit footer that says “Thank you creating with WordPress”

  3.  Remove widgets from Dashboard


    The simplest way to find id of meta box is to use ‘firebug’ kind of tool.


  4. After removing all of the widgets, you may like to add your own custom widget


  5. Add a menu on admin toolbar with Home Link


  6.  Remove unnecessary menu items from admin panel


Let me know if you are looking for any other kind of customization.  I’d love to help WordPress Community.

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