Why us ?

We are honest! We don't believe in taking all the money possible from our clients. We inform them each and every prospect.

Our 10 Promises to Keep Your 100% Satisified With Our Services

  1. W3C Accessibility Compliant All our designs take into consideration W3C standards for accessibility.This includes table-less designs and XHTML compliant content.
  2. We Won’t Talk Techy We will never bambozzle you with techy talk. If you don’t understand something,we’ll take whatever amount of time it takes to help you understand any decisions of a technical nature.
  3. Realistic Deadlines Once we’ve reviewed your project we’ll give you a realistic deadline. We consider not only our turnaround time, but help you determine a realistic goal for providing content and design input.
  4. Useable Web Sites We all want our web sites to engage and impress our customers. At the same time, we work with you to identify what is practical. We won’t overload your site with Flash, or animated graphics. Designs are slick and professional.
  5. Single-Point of Contact You will be assigned a single point of contact for your project. This way you get personal attention – you will never find yourself referring to ticket numbers when you work with us!
  6. Search Engine Friendly With our designs, you can be assured that your content will be properly constructed to be search-engine friendly. Title and meta-tags (keywords and descriptions) are correctly implemented and easily modified in the future.
  7. Platform and Browser Tested You can be assured that your website will work perfectly with all popular Apple,Unix, and PC web browsers.
  8. Quality Assured We test your site before we release it to the world. Links are verified, image tags are properly alt-tagged, and each page is tested to ensure thatit displays correctly.
  9. Unique Template Designs Even when you use a ready-made design, we will ensure that the end-result design is completely unique to your organization.
  10. Always Here to Help You If you opt to host your site with us, we will always provide you with free email based support for any questions you have about how to use CMS/E-Commerce.